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Photo of the Day
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August 27, 2013

Never Underestimate Their Abilities

This is just a quick note since I haven't had time to blog lately. I have been on twitter so stay in touch with me there.

For all the parents out there who are just getting a special needs diagnosis or who are completely overwhelmed, I have one line of advice that will get you through the tough times.


That applies to us as special needs parents and everyone we come in contact with. Be it schools, relatives, or the public in general.

I have a high school senior who could not speak at age six and barely spoke when she was 10. Now she's speaking to college soccer coaches AND impressing them enough on the field to get potential offers for college.

I also have a 6th grader who nearly failed the 5th grade. This year he's going around bragging about how he tested out of 6th grade math. If you ask him what grade he's in, he'll say I'm in 6th this year, BUT I'M in 7th GRADE MATH!

Nuf Said!


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