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Photo of the Day
Anything is Possible if you Dare to Dream

April 2, 2013

World Autism Day


This day takes on new meaning each year in our house. Last night I thought this site had been hacked because it was forwarding to a political ad site. Turns out there was malicious script that was somehow connected to an Autism article I wrote about or link to.

Never a dull moment for us.

Taz a/k/a The Tazmanian Devil went to school with welts. He says they are from playing with insulation. . . more like playing with poison ivy. Of course the school called a short while later to say that he can't keep his cortisone cream with him. We'll see how that goes today.

On the upside, Jessie had her big Wax Museum project today at school and I was blessed with a day off to go and photograph the kids. For a girl who could not speak until she was 6 years old and barely spoke in public until a couple of years ago, it was an absolute joy to watch her dress up and give a speak about MIA HAMM, who as Jessie said, is largely considered to be the greatest female soccer play in history.

Jessie's report was aptly titled: MIA HAMM - FROM ADVERSITY TO THE WORLD CUP. Mia Hamm, who was born with a partially clubbed foot, is definitely an inspiration for a girl who was always very awkward and could not speak. At 17, Jessie has been playing competition soccer for years and is looking forward to playing in college, hopefully on a soccer scholarship.

Which brings me back to Taz. He has struggled this year in 5th grade, but he excels when given a project that draws on his creativity. He created a diorama last night of the Tabernacle from ancient history for his bible class. He did the work all by himself and it's really quite impressive. Although he struggles greatly with reading and writing he can express himself beautifully through his art.

Our whole family struggles with adversity but we can accomplish anything if we dare to dream!

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