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Photo of the Day
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June 24, 2011

Focus in Photography a Thing of the Past?

This sounds intriguing at first glance, but photography is an art that takes years to learn. . .digital photography has already taken much of the art out of original photography where you spent hours in the dark room creating the perfect photo. . .I agree that this is a gadget type thing for those with money to burn, not true photographers.

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Photographer's Dream? Focus Is a Thing of the Past

PHOTO: This technology by Lytro allows you to take a picture and then focus the image after the fact.

"Shoot now, focus later" – that's the tagline for a new camera technology out of Silicon Valley that will allow photographers to snap a photo, and worry about the focus of the image long after the picture is taken.

The camera uses what's called light-field technology, which rather than taking in the usual snapshot of light hitting a sensor, it separates rays of light so as to record their individual characteristics. That way it's possible to alter the focus afterward, creating what Lytro founder and CEO Ren Ng says is a "more powerful photograph."

But some say that the new technology might be more of a gadget than a game-changer in the photography industry. Tech blogger John Biggs of said that while the camera is interesting, future cameras are moving in this direction.

"It's going to be hard to sell something like this. It'll be massively expensive. The difference between the way cameras work now than in the next couple of years is that you [will] choose the point of focus anyways," he said.