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Photo of the Day
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July 14, 2011

World Cup star now runs horse farm in Powder Springs

Ms. Akers sold World Cup memorabilia to raise money after the 2009 flood; we were excited to get one of her signed books for our own daughter who is working toward soccer in college. Ms. Akers is an amazing athlete and woman.

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World Cup star now runs horse farm in Powder Springs

POWDER SPRINGS, Ga. -- Michelle Akers doesn't think much about soccer anymore ... except when the World Cup is on.

Akers is widely regarded as one of the greatest women's soccer players of all-time. In fact, in an article in Sports Illustrated last month, her former coach Tony DiCicco called Akers "the best player who ever played."

As this World Cup takes shape, Akers is still into it. But after every game, she is right back on the job.

The job, in this case, is running a horse farm in Powder Springs. Akers spends her time rescuing and nursing horses as well as tending to goats, chickens, and her three dogs.

But for the past two years, she has been climbing out of a major issue: flooding that resulted from the infamous September storm in 2009.

"That flood, I mean ... it was up to my waist, in my barn," Akers recalls. It left her farm flooded for several days and the ground over-saturated for months.

Now, two Junes later, it's finally at full strength.

"I had a lot of people help me, and I was like, 'Thank God these people helped,'" Akers says, "and so I want to help people who have been through something horrible."


July 12, 2011

TV presenter selling home to pay school fees for ASD son

It's appalling what we all have to sacrifice to get our children the help they need. I thank God everyday for our state special needs scholarship which covers most tuition.

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TV presenter Annabel Giles selling home to pay school fees for her autistic son

It is a dilemma facing many middle-class families in these austere times – how to pay the school fees.

Now former model and TV presenter Annabel Giles has revealed that she is to sell her home to pay for secondary education for her teenage son Ted, who suffers from autism.

Miss Giles – the face of Max Factor in the 1980s and ex-wife of pop star Midge Ure – is sending Ted to Stanbridge Earls School in Romsey, Hampshire, where the boarding fees are £10,366-a-term.

Parental choice: Annabel Giles with her son Ted at the age of nine. She is now thinking about his secondary education
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