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Photo of the Day
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August 22, 2009

PBS Kids Dinosaur Train Preview Party

Another lazy summer Saturday. . .


Up at 0700 to go to Mid-Town for the Dinosaur Train preview party at PBS Studios.

These are the times when I really love living in the HotLanta suburbs. We are close enough to everything and we get invited to lots of special events at Zoo Atlanta, The Georgia Aquarium, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and now, its seems, Georgia Public Broadcasting.

Although, I'm not quite sure why we got invited to this one.

I did subscribe to a few months ago during one of their Britcom telethons (wanted the best of the Britcoms Book) and, of course, I rarely watch TV, except for GPB shows, like, ummm the Saturday night Britcoms, Masterpiece Theater, Georgia Traveler, the Antiques Road Show, Sherlock Holmes, the Complete Jane Austen etc. etc. etc.

I also watched all of the PBS shows from before I could walk, raised my own kids on them and invested tons of money in PBS Kids paraphernalia.

However, when we arrived at the studios rather early (I have never been on time for anything in my life, either 30 minutes early or 30 minutes late), we were directed into the Boardroom and a very enthusiastic lady shook my hand, introduced herself and asked me "Are you one of our Mommy Bloggers?"


Well ummmm. . .

I'm a mom and I blog. . .

And then I heard another lady whisper "She's one of the others. . ."

Apparently not, one of the beautiful people!

And little did they know, they were SOOOOO right.

That's me, one of the others, a special needs mom, always on the outside of the Boardroom looking in.

In this case, however, the crafts were outside the Boardroom and you couldn't have kept Taz and his friend Zachary in that Boardroom for a $1M bucks.

Seriously folks, Boardroom jokes aside, when you're a special needs mom, you live your life in the Trenches, not the Boardroom, Ballroom or Cinderella's Castle.

Every day in the trenches is a new adventure, a new trial of wits, understanding and patience and a new realization that life in Holland may be tough, but its worth every minute.

I wouldn't trade my view from the Trenches for anything!


P.S. Taz quickly got over his ASD fit about not getting a bag of goodies on the way out (they went to the beautiful people) when he found out that we were going to the Botanical Gardens and then Michaels for crafts. Also, he happily munched his Kinnikinnick GFCF donuts, while all the beautiful people ate their Krispy Cremes.