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Photo of the Day
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April 5, 2015

Autism and Spider Crabs at the World's Largest Aquarium

We had a typical autistic day yesterday at the Georgia Aquarium. We planned the trip in advance so that Taz's friend could join us. Naturally we forgot that it would be packed due to Spring Break visitors.

When we got there, the lines to get in were over an hour long. TG for membership. We walked right in through the pass line.

Of course it was just as crowded inside. In some ways that helped us keep up with the boys.

When we go to an exhibit with Taz, he usually breezes through, with a quick look here and there and maybe a quick pose for a picture. The crowds slowed him down a good bit. We were actually there for more than an hour which is probably a record for Taz.

In the world's largest aquarium, most people want to spend their time watching the Whale Sharks, Beluga Whales and Dolphins. Not Taz!

For Taz and his friend, watching the giant spider crabs getting fed was the highlight of their visit. The boys wormed their way through the crowds right up to the window and stayed there for a good 15 minutes. After that the boys informed us that we were done. It was time to go.

Again, I  emphasize the value of having a membership. We will go several times this year, including an adult evening or two, just for us.

We have memberships to most all the main attractions in Atlanta. It gives us flexibility, which is a must in parenting an autistic child.

Besides, I have to admit that the spider crabs were pretty fascinating. That's how we roll.