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Photo of the Day
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October 14, 2011

Free Apps Turn an Android Into Apple iPhone 4S

Dude get a Droid!

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6 Free Apps to Turn an Android Phone Into an Apple iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S and its new iOS 5 operating system offer a host of new features, including Siri voice control, a Cards app for sending paper greetings in the mail, Reminders that help keep you up-to-date, and Find my Friends for tracking people down. Fortunately, Android users don’t have to feel left out, as there are a host of third-party apps that bring this functionality to Google’s mobile OS.

But Postagram, a free app that’s available in the Android Market, been providing this very service for quite some time now—and at a cheaper rate, too. For 99 cents per Postagram sent, you choose a photo to mail and the service prints the image out on thick, glossy photo paper at a 300 dpi resolution, which pops out of the card as a 3 x 3 inch print. You can even add a custom 140-character message along with the photo if you wish.

Cards Alternative: Postagram
Siri Alternative: Vlingo

Tell Vlingo to “Text Chris; Where are you?” or “Find French restaurants,” then sit back and watch as it does exactly what you want. Get the app for free on the Android Market.

iMessage Alternative: Whatsapp Messenger

Ditch your carrier’s exorbitant SMS plans and send messages, pictures, audio notes, and video messages over 3G or Wi-Fi with the free Whatsapp Messenger. Like BlackBerry Messenger (and iMessage), the app lets you know when your note has been sent and exactly when the person on the other end has seen it.

Reminders Alternative: Astrid Tasks

Astrid Tasks is the most popular to-do list for Android, and its best add-on feature is Astrid Locale. The app contains powerful organization tools to begin with—reminders, list organization, deadlines, sorting, and audio or vibration alerts—but Astrid Locale throws in the last essential—location-based tasks—into the mix. The only downside is having to shell out $1.49 for the upgrade.


October 13, 2011

Money Can't Buy Love. . .

It shouldn't take a University to figure this out. Less can always be more. God always give you what you Need, not what you think you Want!

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Can't Buy Love: Materialism Kills Marriages

PHOTO: Studies show that being materialistic increases the likelihood of marital difficulties and dissatisfaction.

Focusing too heavily on the "for richer" part of the nuptial vows could spell disaster for a marriage, according to research published today by Brigham Young University.

"Our study found that materialism was associated with spouses having lower levels of responsiveness and less emotional maturity. Materialism was also linked to less effective communication, higher levels of negative conflict, lower relationship satisfaction, and less marriage stability," said Jason Carroll, a BYU professor of family life in Provo, Utah, and lead author of the study.

The Things That Money Just Can't Buy

"People who are materialistic tend to be narcissistic and concerned with impressing people,"
"They have a tendency to be anxious, depressed, have relatively poor relationship skills and have low self-esteem.

October 10, 2011

Columbus Day: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

Fun Facts

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Columbus Day: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

1.   When the  Columbus Day Holiday Began

But the first known Columbus Day celebration in the U.S. took place in New York City in 1792, long before it became a national holiday.
Columbus’ Journal Was Intended for an Audience
In that sense, it’s entirely possible that these journals were embellished, with some facts manipulated in Columbus’ favor.
Columbus’ Bones Are Still Shrouded in Mystery

It’s still unclear where Columbus’ bones were finally laid to rest.

Pope Rejected Bid for Columbus’ Sainthood

In 1882 the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic men’s fraternity, supported Italian Americans who rallied for Columbus to be recognized as a saint because they said he had brought Christianity to the Indians. Pope Leo XIII, however, rejected that request because Columbus had an illegitimate son with Beatriz Enríquez de Harana, his mistress.

Columbus Brought Citrus to the New World
In 1493, the year of Columbus’s second voyage, he brought citrus fruit seeds to the West Indies and the trees ended up in the West Indies, Mexico, and Florida.