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Photo of the Day
Anything is Possible if you Dare to Dream

November 11, 2014


Happy Veteran's Day and a special thanks to all, including friends and family, who have served or are still serving in our armed forces.

It's anything can happen, day, week, month and apparently year. When talking about special needs kids, I always emphasize that it's vital to never underestimate their abilities.

The "Great Scot" (above) has had a phenomenal first semester in college. She's ASD and ADHD but she has worked harder than most people I know to get where she is and stay there.

Sometimes it isn't easy. Especially, when fate intervenes at your conference tournament, right after you win an award. (ASC Soccer).  The link says it all, so I won't go in to detail, expect to say that she was one of the players who fell ill at the Conference tournament.

And then, there's the Tazmanian Sheldon (left). One minute, he's lecturing you on the characteristics of wormholes (What is a Wormhole?). The next minute he's freaking out because he can't find a red, white and blue shirt to wear to school for his Veteran's Day program. Yes, he did find one after a 15-minute frantic search. It's underneath his jacket, which he wears everywhere. It's okay though, because he knew he was wearing the right shirt, even if no one else did!

Never underestimate the genius inside a kid with ASD and ADHD, especially when you give him a computer and access to the internet. Just make sure you have a really good Net Nanny!

And then there's me. It's hard enough to raise special needs kids on any given day, but my hat is absolutely off to parents who are going through cancer while trying to keep tabs on their amazingly special kids. It's overwhelming, even for a parent who has been dealing with overwhelming for years while standing on her head.

Our lives now are defined by a bright line - BC & AD (Before Cancer & After Diagnosis). We are all on a new path and our family will only grow stronger because of this.