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Photo of the Day
Anything is Possible if you Dare to Dream

September 21, 2008

Spiritual Photography. . .

I have always been an avid photographer and still remember the joy of taking my first pictures with a B/W camera, which were inevitably off-center, out-of-focus and lop-sided.

Now, of course I have a great camera and an awesome telephoto lens , I've learned to hold the camera straight and I have a great selection of digital photo editing programs through which I have mastered the art of photo fixing.

Seriously though, I find a great deal of peace and joy in taking and editing digital photos of both everyday events and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. This summer, I was absolutely awed by the power of the Grand Canyon and am still amazed by all the spirituality I see in my photographs of our trip.

Tonight, during our evening church service, it suddenly occurred to me that I could share my joy with others through a Christian Photography group. I could say that the thought just popped into my head, but I know better. God works in mysterious ways and I try to remind myself frequently that my inspiration comes from above.

Although I share my inspirations with my husband and a few close friends, I'm usually very uncomfortable in sharing my ideas with others. I was surprised at the interest my idea raised this evening. I don't know whether the idea will blossom into a full-blown group, but I do know that I want to broaden my horizons and start to reach out through my experience and knowledge of digital media.

My life as a special needs parent is frequently off-center, out-of-focus and lop-sided and I spend too much of my time focusing on the individual trees, rather than the forest as a whole. Through the camera lens I am able to capture every detail, both big and small, evaluate them on my computer and try to see the world as God sees it.

I hope to share this vision with others in some small way.