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Photo of the Day
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August 17, 2011

Autistic students find greater success in college

It would be nice if we could find more grants and scholarships for those with #ASD; so says a mom with and HF ASD 10th grader.

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With support, autistic students find greater success in college

There are different levels of functionality for those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders, a range of developmental disorders which includes Aspergers Syndrome, Rett Syndrome and Childhood Disintegrative Disorder. For many with ASD, socializing doesn't come easy, because of sensory hypersensitivity and the failure to pick up on social cues.

Steven Moody, a junior and psychology major at Utah Valley University, has been diagnosed with high-functioning Aspergers. Moody worries about parking, class assignments and making deadlines, like every other student, but he also has other stresses others don't.

Moody had to learn through trial and error the right amount of eye contact to make during conversations and even the appropriate number of questions to ask.

The social struggles also make it difficult for Moody and others with ASD to approach an instructor about their special needs. Approaching an instructor can be intimidating, and Moody is often hesitant.


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