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August 16, 2011

5 Healthy Back to School Lunches for Under $25

I'm all for healthy lunches but this still works out to $5 per day for lunch and of course most of these foods are not #GFCF so they do no good for a child with food allergies.

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5 Healthy Back to School Lunches for Under $25

Shopping List

Whole Wheat Bread Loaf: $3.00

Whole Wheat Tortillas: $1.89

Turkey: $2.00/ .25 lb

Tuna: $.99/can

Low-Fat American Cheese: $1.00/2oz

Hummus $2.50/8oz

Reduced-Fat peanut butter: $2.50/16oz

Salsa: $2.50

Low-Fat Mayonnaise: $.75/4oz

Lettuce: $.99/1 head

Tomato $1/1 tomato

Apple: $2.49/4 apples

Carrots: $.99/1lb

Whole Grain Goldfish: $2.39/ 11oz box

Make Your Own Snacks 

Portion controlled products have exploded on the market and while they may be helpful to minimize overindulging, you don’t need to pay for the packaging. Buy your own snacks and pre-pack appropriate portion sizes in re-sealable plastic bags.

Buy Generic 

Generic brands can save you a lot! Typically, generic brands are labeled as the store brand. Whether it’s canned, bagged or frozen, the product usually contains the same exact nutritional value as the name brand.

Don’t Buy Precut Fruits and Vegetables 

If you do, you are paying for the added costs of labor for cutting and the container they come in.


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