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February 9, 2009

Some people just need to Get a Clue. . .

As the mother of two special needs children the past several days have been typically over stressful. It started last week on the way to my son's pre-op.
  • My daughter's ortho called to remind me that we missed her appt. and to tell me that I owe a $35 missed appt. fee. I say, I think not, my son is having surgery on Friday, give me a break.
  • At pre-op, we learn that my son has pneumonia and his surgery has to be postponed.
  • We go to urgent care for a chest x-ray and they tell us he has to stay home for 5 days.
  • I fax the doctor's excuse to the school and get a call the next night telling me that my son missed school that day. YAH THINK!
  • My son finally goes back to school today and comes home with a note from the P.E. teacher saying he's in trouble for not wearing tennis shoes at P.E. again (HELLO he has pneumonia.)
  • And, to top it all off, my son is now reacting to his antibiotic.

I was going to throw the P.E. teacher's note in the trash and pretend I never saw it, but, in my current mood, I'm seriously thinking about responding:

GET A CLUE!!! My asthmatic, ASD/ADHD son has PNEUMONIA! The last thing he needs is P.E. right now.

If the teacher is lucky, I will calm down by tomorrow. If not, C'est la vie!


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