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February 19, 2009

Just a few dental caries. . .

That's what I get from the hoity toity doctor we saw today for Taz's pre-op.

Not my choice to see that doctor and we'll probably never see her again, but you'd think she would read the medical history I meticulously filled out two weeks ago when we came in for our first pre-op before she asks me if Taz has a history of any medical problems other than dental caries.

Of gee, I don't know. How about pneumonia!!!

Perhaps they forgot to write that down on his chart two weeks ago when we postponed his surgery, because he couldn't breathe.

Okay, I exaggerate just a bit, he could breathe, just not without hacking up his lungs.

Seriously, I should be able to sluff this stuff off by now, but I'm just a bit on the edge today. More than a bit, actually, and I'm incensed that a doctor had the nerve to reduce Taz's issues to a FEW DENTAL CARIES!

If you follow my blog, you know that Taz has run the gammit from prematurity to previous major oral surgery and everything in between. To make a long story short, he's an adorable almost 7-year-old midgit, who is about to lose several teeth and get the rest of them capped with stainless steel to preserve them until his adult teeth come in.

He's very proud of the silver molars from his previous oral surgery. . .all that he remembers of that trip to the OR.

And, memory is the biggest problem we face tomorrow.

This will be his 5th time in the OR in 6 short years. He has very little memory of the previous surgeries. He was only 4.5 years old the last time.

Now he has a memory like a steel trap and he's asking questions I don't want to answer.

  • Will the hospital have shots mommy?
  • No Taz (IVs aren't shot).
  • Would you like to give the tooth fairy some teeth this weekend Taz?
  • No mommy, none of them are loose enough. She'll have to wait awhile!

I'm so tired of having to be the strong one, but I have no choice. I'm a special needs mother!

And, when I start to panic tomorrow, I will remind myself that there will be two pairs of strong arms holding me tomorrow on the way to the OR.

Taz on his loopy juice, hugging me goodbye, and God, lifting me up and carrying through it.


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