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April 2, 2015

A Challenge to Corporate America on World Autism Day

A very wise mother of an autistic teen posted today that "The Cure for Autism is Education, Awareness and Acceptance." I heartily agree.

I  would add a caveat to that wise statement - OPPORTUNITY!

Give an autistic child/teen/adult a chance to show you their unique skills and they will give you a mile.

When my daughter was diagnosed, she could barely speak and was years behind in language arts. So many people refused to give her the time of day. . .teachers, soccer coaches, youth programs. . .

There were a few select people, however, who saw past her difficulty in communicating and gave her an opportunity to show what she was capable of and more. An awesome school, a few great soccer coaches, a trainer at the gym. . .

Fast forward to age 19 and the child who could not speak, not only graduated as Valedictorian, but also got the state's highest scholarship and is playing soccer at a fantastic college.

And still she is faced with people who won't give her an opportunity.

I'm speaking specifically about the job market.

This is a girl who is capable of performing most any entry level position with the right training. She's dependable, stronger than most guys her age and willing to take whatever job is offered.

Problem is. . .no one's offered, even though she's applied to quite a few companies. #Chick-Fil-A, #AcademySports, #HomeDepot, #Lowes.

I challenge each any every one of you to give her an opportunity.

Step up to the plate and give autism a chance. If you don't, who will?


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