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Photo of the Day
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November 17, 2011

Economy Down Heels Up. . .

I wonder if the reason isn't more that higher heels make women feel taller and feel like they have more of a "leg up" in down times. . .they come across as stronger in a weak economy.

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High Heels for a Down Economy?

gty high heels nt 111117 wblog High Heels for a Down Economy?

A look back at decades of shoe fashion research reveals that high heels soared during the worst recessions. “Usually in an economic downturn, heels go up and stay up as consumers turn to more flamboyant fashions as a means of fantasy and escape,” says Dr. Trevor Davis, a consumer products expert with IBM Global Services.

The average heel height today is six inches, more than double what it was the 1970s.


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