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Photo of the Day
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November 25, 2011

How to save you credit score on Black Friday. . .

Two Words: DON'T SHOP!

It's not rocket science. It's just good sense.

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7 Ways to Save Your Credit Score on Black Friday

Overspending on gifts around the holidays isn’t something uncommon. In fact, with high lines of credit available to consumers, credit card companies are doing everything they can to ensure that we overspend.

In a society that oftentimes requires individuals to borrow, one’s credit score is increasingly an important number. Companies use algorithms to calculate how much credit an individual can obtain. With recent dips in the economy and foreclosures on the rise, many people are wondering if there are a few easy ways to improve their credit scores? Here are my seven top tips:

1. Pay bills on time
2. Don’t go crazy over the holidays
3. Keep yourself under 50% of available credit
4. Credit card deals aren’t really "deals"
5. Get help if you are having trouble
6. Get on a budget
7. Get a copy of your credit report

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