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October 26, 2011

eBook lending: Libraries go digital

Can't wait for our local library to start up their ebooks. This is a great resource and it avoids all the hassles with lost books. I actually had to replace a book for a public school library which my son supposedly checked out but never brought home. He loves my Kindle so ebooks are it for us.

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eBook lending: Libraries go digital

As more paperless novels begin to appear in public library catalogs, some worry they will replace books.

(CNN) -- Board a bus or a train today and chances are you'll see several people with eReaders in hand. While most probably bought their electronic books on a popular website, you may find a few who borrowed the paperless books from the library.

While the majority of eBooks sold today are bought by individual readers, a growing number of the paperless books are winding up in public library catalogs.


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