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September 17, 2011

Is Overweight the New Normal Weight?

This is the second time in a week that Foxnews has posted a photo showing an individual on a scale weighing less than 100 pounds in association with an article on obesity.

Even in kilos the photo shows a person weighing only 132 pounds and I'm pretty sure the scale isn't measured in stones, which would equate to 840 pounds.

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Is Overweight the New Normal Weight?

A new report issued last week warned us that, if trends in the U.S. waistline continue as they are, 50 percent of our population would be obese by 2030. There are many reasons why overweight and obesity are such problems right now. Some research suggests that we’ve grown more comfortable being overweight and that being overweight has become “normal,” while being of an ideal weight may appear to be “underweight.”

While national surveys show that 67 percent of Americans are overweight or obese, a new survey of 1,000 Americans by Russell Research commissioned by Pollock Communications, showed only 52 percent of Americans believe they are overweight. This lack of reality around body weight and diet is considered to be one of the many barriers in the nation’s growing obesity epidemic. We’ve become more “numb” to overweight and obesity because it’s everywhere; a person who is of normal weight actually appears to be the one who doesn’t fit in anymore.


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