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Photo of the Day
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August 30, 2011

Boy ‘too noisy to play outside’

If an average 4yo is too noisy I can only imaging what they would say about my #ASD 9.5yo Tazmanian Devil. Absolutely ridiculous!

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Boy ‘too noisy to play outside’

iol pic bp playtime

Like most boys his age, Alfie Lansdell can spend hours playing happily in his garden.

But playtime could soon be over for the boisterous four-year-old after a neighbour complained to council officials that he was too noisy.

As a result, his parents have been warned that if he doesn’t keep quiet, they will be issued with an abatement order and could face a £5 000 fine.

Alfie, who starts primary school next month, has always played in the 8ft by 8ft front garden at the family’s end-of-terrace home without a problem until now.

But the letter from the council’s environmental health team claims he is a “noise nuisance”.


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