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June 29, 2011

Financial compatibility with spouse? @Dave Ramsey

Well Dave, can you come up with a better version of this quiz because I don't consider myself financially driven. Rather I am fiscally conservative.

Quiz Link:

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Are you financially compatible with your spouse?

Do you jump at the chance to spend money on vacations, but dread saving for retirement? Take this quiz to better understand what motivates you to spend and save. Then ask your partner to take it and compare results.

You are Financially Driven
Financial Life Values are about money and finances. They are unrelated to how much money we actually have. These values reflect what we think or believe about our money and financial affairs. They reflect how we value money and what it can buy or how it can grow as an investment. Financial values may or may not be related to what we actually know about money and finance. As with any deeply held value, we might intend action to increase savings or decrease debt, but choose instead to reinforce our self-esteem on "needs" manufactured in the marketplace.

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