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April 21, 2011

Some Parents Shell Out Big Buck For Prom

These stories make me glad I'm a special needs parent. I can sum up my special needs daughter's Winter Ball with just a few words: Silver Hat - $10, borrowed velvet pantsuit $0, a smile on her face all night. . .PRICELESS!

It doesn't get any better than this!

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Prom Night Pressures Mean Some Parents Shell Out Big Bucks

PHOTO Proms are rite of passage, but some students are putting their own unique twists on this tradition.
Proms are rite of passage. Some parents are spending lots of money on their children's big event. Scott Handcock/Getty Images

Kimberly Gamcale is the co-owner of Diane and Company, one of the biggest prom dress retailers in the country. She recalled one girl's request.

The average couple will spend $800 for prom night and in $4 billion industry. But the price tag on that eye-catching dress? About $6,000.

Fifteen-year-old Caroline Noce's parents have spared no expense for their prom princess.

Her dress was $1,700. The grand total for Caroline's prom was more than $3,000.


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