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Photo of the Day
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April 25, 2011

LED vs. incandescent: Easter "meltdown"

Should have used this idea for Jessie's science experiment this year. We could have had lots of fun.

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LED vs. incandescent: An Easter-time 'meltdown'

Cree's Easter bunny melt test.
One of the things that amazes me most about the ordinary incandescent light bulb is that in addition to its superb ability to drive up household electric bills (when compared to more efficient CFLs and LEDs), is how much heat one actually gives off. I mean, seriously, you can bake a tray of moist and delicious brownies with a single 100-watter!
To further demonstrate that a whopping 90 percent of the energy emitted by a standard incandescent light bulb is heat and not light, the folks at Cree are sacrificing a poor, unsuspecting chocolate Easter bunny.

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