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Photo of the Day
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March 9, 2011

60-year-old albatross still breeding

Fascinating that they have been tracking this bird for over 50 years.

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America's oldest wild bird is a new mom
e 50,000 miles a year, has had almost three dozen kids and now she's got

The bird was first identified and banded by a USGS researcher in 1956 when she was incubating an egg, according to the USGS. As the Laysan albatross can't breed before age 5 and spends much of its life before that at sea   scientists estimate Wisdom is at least 60 years old. She may be even older, though, as most Laysan albatrosses don't breed until age 8 or 9 after an extended courtship, according to the USGS.

The Laysan albatross mates for life. No word on whether a 60-year-old Mr. Wisdom is somewhere on Midway or whether Wisdom is charting new skies in that area too.


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