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February 21, 2011

Parents Drop Lavish Amounts on Over-the-Top Kids' Birthday Bashes

I'll stick to the $100 dinner and knighting ceremony at Medieval Times for my autistic son's 9th B'Day. . .we don't have to worry about the color of his cake since he has food allergies, and we've already gotten lots of mileage out of an old knight's costume that he still loves to wear.

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Parents Drop Lavish Amounts on Over-the-Top Kids' Birthday Bashes

It's almost expected that celebrities throw their children over-the-top birthday bashes.

But today, even everyday moms and dads are spending big bucks to say happy birthday in style, which is the subject of the new TLC reality show, "Outrageous Kids Parties."

One couple featured on the show, Nicole and Jason, planned an over-the-top party of their own for their soon-to-be 6-year-old daughter Gracie's birthday.

Gracie may not be a real princess, but she might as well be with a party like this. They spared no expense -- from Gracie's spa treatments the day before the party, to the perfect pink dress befitting a princess, to the exact cake of their daughter's choosing.

Not to mention 42 center pieces, 2,000 flowers and 300 costumes. The party's budget? $32,000.

All did not go as well with the cake, however. Gracie began to cry when a bird on the cake was purple instead of blue.


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