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June 6, 2008

Life in the fringes. . .

is really much simpler for parents of special needs children. That's why I choose to stay there.

Unfortunately, I often drift into the mainstream, either intentionally or by necessity. Whenever that happens my stress level triples. Eventually I get to the point, like today, where I run for cover.

After a very stressful couple of weeks, including a soccer tournament, IEP issues and this year's round of soccer try-outs for next year's team, I am completely drained.

Tempers are flaring all over town, so I have retreated to the fringes for the next two weeks to prepare for our BIG TRIP to the Grand Canyon. In other words, I'm holing up in my air-conditioned sanctuary, i.e., my master suite and home office, and only coming out for meals and trips to the pool.

Like any special needs mother, who's worth her salt, I'm going to let my husband make all of the rounds to the soccer fields, zoo camp, Vacation Bible School and the grocery store.


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