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April 11, 2008

The Americans with Disabilities Act

covers food allergies.

So why does Chuck E Cheese prohibit outside food other than cake, cupcakes and ice cream?

PROFIT: Pure and Simple!!!!

Their response to my inquiry:

"The only outside food we can allow inside is cake and ice-cream. This is a policy and there are no exceptions. Again, it is a healthy code violation to allow guests to bring in any other outside foods.

If the food allergy does not allow the guest to consume any items on our menu, we recommend the guest eat before they come to the restaurant.

Thank you, Guest Relations"

If allowing only outside foods, such as cakes and ice cream, which encourage parents to host expensive birthday parties at their facilities, isn't profit based discrimination, then I don't know what is.

They could ban all outside food and I would have no argument.

I THINK NOT: Banning cake and ice cream from their birthday parties would not be a very good profit making decision.

So I am left with a choice: feed my child before his party or host the party elsewhere.

Monkey Joes here we come!


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