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October 17, 2011

Facebook 'social energy' app tracks kw usage

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Facebook, OPOWER partner on 'social energy' app

An upcoming Facebook app from OPOWER lets you compete to use less energy than your friends.

(CNN) -- Add energy consumption to the laundry list of things you can share with online friends on Facebook.

The hope is to get friends to compete against each other to use less energy, and to hold each other accountable for energy-use-reduction goals, said Ogi Kavazovic, a spokesman for OPOWER.

"A person in London could compete in energy usage with a person in California," he said.

A feature called "Friend Rank" lets Facebook friends see who in their social network uses the least energy per day. Another lets the app's users compare themselves to people who have similar-sized homes. The app also will let people compare their energy use with the Facebook community at large.


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