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September 8, 2011

More News About the Origin of Autism

I have to take issue with this study, since I have a boy and a girl with autism, neither has an enlarged brain and neither has an improperly functioning immune system. It's genetic. We're not looking for a cure, we need treatments and services, which we pay for OOP because we can't get them any other way.

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More News About the Origin of Autism

Researchers at the UC Davis’s MIND Institute have been studying the brain growth, environmental exposure and genetic make-up of 350 children since 2006 as part of the Autism Phenome Project.

So far, they have identified two different strains of autism. One group of children--all boys--had enlarged brains, and most regressed into autism within 18 months, while another group all appeared to have improperly functioning immune systems that contributed to their autism.

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