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Photo of the Day
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May 27, 2011

Kindle still #1 for e-readers. . .

Time to get my Kindle 3G with special offers. I've been waiting a long time to get one, since I already use Kindle for computer, Blackberry and Droid.

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E-Book Report: Nook Is Gaining, iPad Still Catching Up

As the publishing industry wrapped up four days of digital talk at its annual national convention,'s Kindle was seen as the clear, if not dominant, player in the growing e-market; Barnes & Noble's Nook was considered a pleasant surprise and Apple's iPad an underachiever.

Apple spokesman Jason Roth declined to comment on any specific criticisms, but did say that the iBookstore had over 150,000 titles — an Amazon spokesman says the the Kindle store has more than 950,000 — and that more than 100 million books had been downloaded worldwide through the iBookstore. He would not say how many were downloads of free books. Selections at the iBookstore were greatly improved this year when Random House Inc., publisher of Stieg Larsson and John Grisham among others, agreed to sell through Apple after resolving differences over pricing.


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