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Photo of the Day
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June 11, 2011

Mother turtle gets help laying eggs

Finally, a feel good story!

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Injured by a shark, mother turtle gets help laying eggs

Long after the suntanned crowds pack up their umbrellas and chairs and the tide has washed away that day's sand castles, Clover slowly makes her way onto the beach.

The special affection for Clover comes from her disability; she is missing her rear flippers. According to Martin, the scars indicate that the flippers were bitten off by sharks.

"With no rear flippers, leatherbacks and any sea turtle are not able to dig a proper egg cavity," Martin said, "so they end up depositing their eggs on the sand, and they don't survive."

Clover must be very thankful. This season, with a little help from her friends, she has filled seven holes.


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